236  29th  Street
Wheeling  WV  26003

Pizza: - Baked or unbaked

Unbaked:  Don’t feel like a pizza now but you will later, take home an unbaked pizza. You get our famous crust fixed with your choice of toppings. Just take out of the box and bake it for approximately 12 to 15 minutes in your oven at 425 degrees. (Don’t forget to preheat your oven.) An unbaked pizza will stay fresh in your refrigerator for approximately three days if wrapped in plastic wrap and It can also be frozen.

® Choose a  size and toppings                                                                                                   

                 7 inch (Personal)      $3.50 (cheese only)    .30¢ per topping

                 12 inch (8 Slices)       $7.25 (cheese only)     .75¢ per topping    Starts with a 1/2 pound of cheese   

                                                                                         Deluxe (everything) $11.75 
                                                                                                                      Thin Crust Available in 12 inch only

                             16 inch (12 slices)    $12.00 (cheese only)     $1.25 per topping    Starts with a pound of cheese
Deluxe (everything) $19.50



  Pepperoni         Sausage        Mushrooms       Black Olives        
Onions    Green Peppers     Banana Peppers

Calzones:. Order what you like. Starting at $3.50 with pepperoni and cheese. Each topping 30 cents. Choose from any of our pizza toppings. We can leave the pepperoni or cheese off if you choose.

Cheese Breadsticks:  We use a thin crust is brushed with garlic butter and topped with parmesan and provolone                                                           cheese. Served with your choice of garlic butter dipping sauce or pizza dipping sauce.         
              Half Order $3.75 (8 pieces 1/2 of 12” thin) - 1 Dipping Sauce     
                 Whole Order $6.50 (16 Pieces Whole 12” thin - 2 Dipping Sauces

Pepperoni Rolls: Our pepperoni rolls are loaded with pepperoni, cheese and a touch of sauce and that we             guarantee you will love. You can get them cooked here or to go and heat the up when you are ready(already cooked). Great for lunches. $2.85

Cinnamon Sticks

Great for a snack or dessert! Our thin crust with cinnamon sugar blend. Served with icing for dipping.

Half Order $3.75 (8 pieces 1/2 of 12” thin)  -  1 Icing cup                
hole Order $6.50 (16 Pieces Whole 12” thin -  2  Icing cups

Pull Apart Bread Rings: Our famous dough with a new twist. Ranch and Italian. Both have a blend of pepperoni and cheese and either Ranch or Italian seasoning. Only $4.00 each 

Drinks:  We have Pepsi Machine outside the door on the sidewalk. Pepsi products and bottled water. Still Only 


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